Sodium Haze: Shale Gas - not a 'saviour' fuel

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Shale Gas - not a 'saviour' fuel

Just as many of us surmised - Shale Gas, the wonder fuel that was apparantley going to power the US for the next 100 years is not the perfect techno-fix that all sides on the energy debate yearned for after all.

This report compiled by the Post Carbon Institute illuminates the problems and the delusions of shale gas.

They rightly say:

"The biggest losers in this misguided rush to anoint shale gas as America’s energy savior are members of the public, who need sound energy policy based on realistic expectations for future supply, as well as sound assessments of economic and environmental costs."

President Obama touted natural gas as a cornerstone of his Administration’s “Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future" and the UK government is very keen too.

Meanwhile in the UK work on gas fracking was suspended after it was implicated in earthquakes near the test well. Oh dear.

Expect many miracle techno fixes as part of the energy descent.
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