Sodium Haze: World Passport

Thursday, 26 May 2011

World Passport

A campaign calling itself  'No-one is illegal' pulled a stunt when boarding a Euro-star train bound for France when they produced 'World Passports'  which confirmed that "its bearer is a human being, and not an alien".

I love the idea of a 'World Passport' because it illuminates the nonsense of borders and passports between people of a single species who share a single environment.

I am suprised and pleased that such a movement exists.

I wasn't so sure about this though:

As NOII handed out its tabloid paper on immigration, we got into conversations with people, some of whom agreed that controls were inhumane. This chimed with the findings of the YouGov survey of over 2,000 people carried out by Lush in which 54% of people agreed with the statement, "People should be free to live and work wherever they wish and enjoy all of the same rights as all other residents".

The sample was divided into two groups: 72% of one sample thought that they should be allowed to live and work in a foreign country, whereas 46% of the other thought people from foreign countries should be allowed to live and work in Britain.
One must never forget 'globalisation' currently means the exploitation of resources and human beings with no regard whatsoever for the common good. People will always vote for things to be more 'free' but at present our national borders offer some scant protection from the corporate machines - they would just love there to be no controls over the movement of people towards low paid work.
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