Sodium Haze: No borders?

Thursday, 26 May 2011

No borders?

Consider a world - today - without national borders or border controls.

What would happen? I thought this guy on Cif made a balanced argument.

Because, in a world of nation states and territorial-based taxation/spending/law-making, such open borders are entirely incompatible with any form of wealth-redistribution or services provided via general taxation rather than being charged at the point-of-use.

Open-borders would naturally lead to a race-to-the-bottom, as things like the NHS would immediately become unsustainable. Any nation that offered such free services would become a magnet to the world's poor, while those with wealth upped and moved to places with ultra-low-taxation and no services for the poor provided at all.

So you could have the above right, but only if you scrap welfare, the NHS, state-schooling, etc and replace it with an entirely privatised world of private schools, private health-care and 'gated communities'. Everyone would then be 'free' to go where they wished, as long as they could afford the entry fees of course. They wouldn't be allowed into those privatised gated-communities though.

Unless you also have some sort of global world government, of course - but that isn't exactly on the cards is it? If these campaigners were demanding world government and global socialism first, then at least their demands, though wildly utopian, would be morally defensible. As it is they seem to end up being fellow-travellers of the neo-liberal right.
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