Sodium Haze: Dunkirk rescue of Greek loan sharks underway

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Dunkirk rescue of Greek loan sharks underway

When former IMF head honcho Dominique Strauss Kahn was charged with raping a New York chambermaid...

...The Haze wasn't the only observer to think that he must have mistaken her for a developing nation.

Now the banking cartels and the IMF circus have rolled into Europe and they have their eye on a little Mediterranean number that looks suitably vulnerable and ripe for conquest.

Greece is drowning under a sea of debt and its people are losing jobs, homes, livelihoods and futures.

While the Greek people are far from blameless (some Greek politicians should be prosecuted for corruption and criminal negligence) - the real culprit, as ever, is the great ponzi scheme of Fractional Reserve Banking.   

True to form, the only concern of the IMF is that private bankers emerge unscathed and get to asset strip the nation as well.

Robert Peston on his BBC Blog offered his usual mix of insight and astonishing naivety when examining the wrigglings of the ECB and the bullying screams of the IMF.

It is perfectly obvious to The Haze why a wholly bankrupt nation is being asked to adopt austerity, take out another huge loan and sink further into unsustainable debt.

Or to put it another way - why would anyone give a bankrupt business a five year loan knowing full well that it will be just as bankrupt five years later and the loan will never come back?


The whole process is nothing more than a Dunkirk operation ran by the IMF to rescue bankers and hedge funds.

Driven ever onwards by their own greed the bankers now stand waist deep in a sea of bad debt hoping that the IMF will (once again) send a few boats to pick them up.

and it looks like they might get away with it

If the IMF and the ECB can bully the German's into another pointless bailout - then by 2015 the bankers will be safely away with their profits and the cost of the Greek bankruptcy can be socialised to the Greek people and the European taxpayer.

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The Haze says:

(a) Greece should default today.
(b) Greece should leve the Euro
(c) No bailouts for hedge funds and banks

...and let the contagion fall where it must!

Only this way can we stop private profits from debt being wholly subsidised by the taxes of ordinary people - and the political process that will lead to radical monetary reform can begin.
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