Sodium Haze: Neo-liberalism held in check but....

Friday, 3 June 2011

Neo-liberalism held in check but....

This article in The Guardian today is an illuminating insight into one of the many battles being fought (or not fought) by nation states against private multi-national corporations.

In a nutshell the Argentine governement is standing up to a typical big corporate attempt to avoid paying any taxes on its(grain)  operations there.

This raises uncomfortable thoughts for someone like me who is interested in global unity.

In this case it is the narrower sectional interest of the state defined as 'Argentina' that is the ONLY defence against the whole sale plundering and corporate dominance of neo-liberalism. I am sure this is true all over the world.

If we had a global government acting in the interest of all humanity then in an ideal world these things would not happen and there would be no need for a face-off between national governements and corporate self interest.

Nobody wants an Orwellian super state - but in the abscence of any way of the human community co-operating better and acting collectively for the good of all humanity, we are trashing our environment and potentially destroying the eco-system that supports us. 

But the potential for abuse of a global governement is enormous if (as has already happened in the US, the UK and elsewhere) that government was corrupt and basically for sale to the highest bidders.

It sems we are stuck in a vicous chicken and egg scenario.

We can't have a global co-ordinated way of organising ourselevs on the basis of co-operation, fairness and sustainable living, until we can trust that any over-arching body would not usher in abuses, corruption even despotism.

But we can't ever build that trust while we compete, bully, cheat and attack eachother as isolated components of the town, country or corporation that advances our narrow self interest.

I think Argentina is absolutely right to pursue the taxes it is owed - in terms of natural justice and in defence of its own people.

Neo-liberalism is another word for an anarchy that favours the already rich and powerful - nation states are a valid and needed defence against the evil transfer of wealth to the already wealthy...

...but nation states are full of the potential for abuse, divisive internal and external conflict and operate in their own interest not for the overall good of humanity.

How can we take ANY steps towards a united humanity working together in co-operation - where is the exit from nations states vs nations states or nations states vs neo-liberalism?

There must be a better way.  
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