Sodium Haze: 'Peaceful' Bahrain ready for GP, says Jean Todt

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

'Peaceful' Bahrain ready for GP, says Jean Todt

[Guardian]  Jean Todt, the president of motor sport's world governing body, has blamed unreliable media reports of unrest in Bahrain – particularly in the British press – in an attempt to defend the decision to reinstate the grand prix there to Formula One's calendar this season. Todt appeared to be in denial as he tried to explain Friday's "unanimous" vote to stage the race, postponed in March, on 30 October, a move that has enraged human rights activists and race fans, as well as all 12 teams in the F1 paddock. Todt said: "With the press, from one country to another one, it is different. What is true in the UK is not true in France, is not true in Italy. Same in Germany. I read the newspapers every day. In the UK it is big."

SH Writes: Jean Todt clearly doesn't watch TV news much or even keep an eye on his own chief executive Bernie Ecclestone who was busy undermining Jean even as he spoke. While Jean was talking up the peace in Paris, Bernie was at his laptop writing to all the F1 teams urging them to protest the decision. Anyway, we here at SH are happy to help Jean Todt out - just for you Jean here are a few more 'peaceful' scenes in Bahrain along with links to all the other 'peaceful' scenes. Jean Todt - SH 'Clown of the week'.

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