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Monday, 30 May 2011

Global Peace & Unity

Found this interesting site - an international inter-faith outfit apparently.

"t’s recognised as the biggest multi-faith gathering of its kind anywhere across Europe" or so it says on the website.

It landed with me at first viewing as a rather Islamic unity - but then I suppose these inter-faith initiatives have to start somewhere, inter-faith events in the UK often seem rather white, middle class and christian to me.

<minutes go by as I read more about it>

Actually - peace and unity it may be - but as far as I can see its an exclusively Muslim kind of global unity.

Can anyone spot the Christians in this vision of global unity? Me neither!

This reminds me of my favourite poster for an event celebrating diversity - it said stridently at the bottom "please bring vegetarian organic food to share"

By all means have peace & global unity - as long as its Muslim.

There is a great description of a GP&U event in London on this blog 

I liked this line:

"On stage were a continual stream of earnest musicians emphasising their wholesome family values and commitment to Islam"

Which is global peace of a kind.

Does it not occur to organisers of an event called "Global Peace & Unity" that calling an event by that name and then calling it 'inter-faith' when only Muslims go - is a bit daft.

By all means call it 'Annual Bash Of Really Nice Muslims We Hold Once A Year In different Places Around The World' -  as this would be accurate.

As its stands I find the name rather unhelpful!
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