Sodium Haze: Tin foil hat brigade

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Tin foil hat brigade

What do you do with the tin-foil hat brigade? The loony right anti-immigration trolls were out in force on this thread on The Guardian's 'Comment is Free' section.

I asked one of them for his views and he basically said that immigration to the UK was all the fault of some left-wing conspiracy motivated only by "short term smugness and feelings of superiority"

He went on to say  "that not only should the politicians be prevented from enjoying the spoils of their crimes, but their families and descendants should also be prevented. Put an end to their bloodline"

In other words - people who have a more liberal attitude to immigration should be killed (I quizzed him about this and he confirmed it)

What can we do with such people? Can their lurid fears and hatreds be engaged with or should we just ignore them? Or deprive them of a platform?

The Far Right is gaining ground all over Europe so views like this are headed towards the mainstream - a depressing step away from any sense of global unity and community. 
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