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Monday, 30 May 2011


we are engaged in another race against time that some find more important.

While The Guardian covered the climate change story...

... The Sun (the most popular newspaper in the UK with a readership of 2.8 million)  was deeply troubled by who might fill the panel of judges on the X-Factor.

Small wonder we are in the trouble we are in when we have a popular press happy to pump out stuff like this.

I thunk the UK & the US are shoddily served by the vast majority of the media.

Lets look at todays headlines:

Kicking us off is The Daily Express.which has a circulation of some 639,578 readers.

they lead with an EU bashing story which will go down very well with their readership.

No mention at all of the climate change story but on the plus side you may be able to win a motorhome.

Next up is the new off-shoot from The Independent which leads on the row at the international football organisation FIFA.

Desperatly dissapointing that one of the more quality dailies leads with such a lightweight story on the day that disastrous climate emission figures were published.

Around 161,000 people bought this paper to learn what was going on in the world.

The Indy itself leads with an Afghanistan story - which though heart tugging is rather suprising given the weight that this paper has (rightly) lent to climate change in the past.

No mention at all of the emissions story so its hardly suprising if their generally left-of-centre readership regards its importance as less than crucial.

The Indy has a circulation of about 181,000

The Daily Mail's 2.1 million readers were treated to a crime scare story which is their trademark!

No mention of the climate change news of course.

But there is a 2 for 1 deal in some eateries and a royals story.

The 692,000 readers of the Daily Star had an X-Factor story - a sexy woman in undeniably nice undies and some other celeb gossip.

I doubt if this paper has ever published a serious news story.

More X-Factor news on the left leaning Daily Mirror.

1.2 million buy this paper.

These are the circulation figures for the daily newspapers in the UK for April 2011.

Daily Mirror: 1,172,785
Daily Record: 312,566
Daily Star: 692,157
The Sun: 2,783,110
Daily Express: 635,576
Daily Mail: 2,100,300
The Daily Telegraph: 639,578
Financial Times: 372,076
The Herald: 49,764
The Guardian: 263,907
The Independent: 180,743
The Scotsman: 40,524
The Times: 449,809
Racing Post: 57,376

Of all of that list - I would say that the only chance you might have of a story about climate change appearing  would be The Guardian, The Independent and at a stretch The Times - a small % of the total circulation.

Of course this medium is in marked decline - but what is replacing it?

TV news? I wouldn't give much hope of the UK state braodcaster (the BBC) stepping out of line much on this or any other issue -  besides Al Jazeera, most other TV news (especially in the US) makes one want to weep.

Internet? The trouble with the internet is that people with a particular point of view just seek out affirmations that they are right - the famous balkanisation effect just creates wave after wave of cranks and extremists - so I don't hold out much hope for the internet.

No - until the owners of the major media companies decide that action on climate change is in their interest then nothing will change.

And at the moment the major players have no intertest in the ecosystem that supports them.

That may yet change - but too late to prevent very significant damage I fear.

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