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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Trying to understand....

In the comments section of this article I ask this question of the vociferous anti-immigration posters.

Could you say a bit more about why you appear so hostile to immigration - which has been a historical fact of life since the birth of the species?

Is it

(a) a reaction against people who bring an unwanted and alien culture
(b) a fear of over-population
(c) a fear that globalisation will make us the slaves of big capital if we are not careful

Or all the above or none of the above (and then what is then your actual beef?)
here was one response:

All of the above. And the fact that the people of this country worked and fought for centuries in order to give their children and their children's children a better standard of living than the rest of the world. Now within a few short years that is being thrown away, and to make things worse, the left is cheering it all on. It's disgusting, and I sincerely beleive that in the future those responsible will be viewed VERY negatively indeed. Politicians have sold their own people down the river. They should pay the heaviest price imaginable
and my reply

Thank you for your prompt reply. Much appreciated.

How far back are you going? Historically, if you go back far enough, these isles were repeatedly conquered by foreign invaders

* The Romans

* The Normans

Our very make up as 'English' is as a consequence of repeated invasions from Europe. Even in WW2 we were assisted by foreign fighters from all over the world.

What I am puzzled by is who ' worked and fought for centuries' and for whom? and how is it being thrown away - and what do you imagine is the motivation of 'the left'?

and what price did you have in mind?

Watch this space!
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